Fundacio Knowledge Innovation Market Barcelona (KIM)

KIM is a reference entity in innovation, knowledge transfer and implementation of scientific technological structures worldwide, whose mission is to improve the competitiveness and the technological progress of companies through specialized services, positioning and consolidating a knowledge transfer model at global level. We offer expertise in a variety of roles in such project collaborations including project coordination, research valorization and exploitation, design management, market development and commercialization activities. We can offer a vast experience covering following contributions:

  • Commercialization of R&D results (Knowledge Marketing): Supporting the technology transfer process, through the evaluation, marketing and deal-making of technology.
  • IP Strategy Design: Protection and valuation of intangible assets generated from R&D projects, and general assistance on regulatory and legal issues related to technology
  • Project & Risk Management: valuating project risk, defining project governance and management best practice, and providing technical assistance and project management support to collaborative projects.
  • Dissemination of R&D results: designing suitable communication strategies and campaigns and supporting the whole dissemination process. Aligning the expectations of the industry and the research and technology centers to exploit the opportunities of Open Innovation;
  • Expertise. We practice open innovation, technology transfer between industry and research and technology centers since 2007.
  • PULL philosophy. The driver that guides our activity with RTOs is to respond to the needs of our industrial clients, mostly large multinational companies.
  • 360º vision. We have a technological vision of the processes of acquisition and commercialization of early stage technologies and other IP assets (know how, patents), but also of business, financial, legal and IP models.
  • Cross innovation. We have a horizontal knowledge of the market, which allows us to reposition and transfer technologies from one industry to another.
  • Facilitators. We have extensive experience in national and international transfer financing instruments. This allows us to be able to connect public and private instruments.
    Through our mission, we improve the competitiveness of the organization, through support in innovation projects, the valorization and/or commercialization of its products, development of business models, the training of professionals, the implementation of innovation systems and prospecting for external technological solutions that solve the problems detected. We have offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Vigo and Santiago de Chile. And we are in The Knowledge Agents Alliance (KAA), an international network of knowledge transfer agents.